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Why Choose Lavamedia?

Lavamedia has a singular purpose… to provide our advertisers with a captive, targeted, cost effective and proven advertising medium. In a world full of iPads and PVR’s, why would your business pay astronomical amounts with traditional media when no one is paying attention? With Lavemedia you can capture people’s attention at a time when they actually welcome something to read and look at! Lavamedia delivers effective, targeted, gender specific advertising in a time and place where is won’t be ignored.

No other advertising medium can target age, income, gender and lifestyle like us.

Ad placement targeted to men receive an average exposure time of 47 seconds.

Our media doesn’t allow people to change the channel, turn the page or turn you off!

Ad placement targeted to women receive an average exposure time of 98 Seconds!

Our Network

Premium Network Features

  • Full boards with no competing or shared ad space.

  • Huge exposure with up to 87,000 impressions each month.

  • Locations include premium malls and other high traffic venues.

Select Network Features

  • Full boards with no competing or shared ad space.

  • Selective boards based upon higher exposure rates.

  • Targets a diverse demographic.

Shared Network Features

  • Ability to cover more locations.

  • Each poster board holds up to five ads, making your investment more affordable.

  • Allows you to tailor a targeted demographic approach.

  • Placed in restaurants, lounges, night clubs, fitness centers, etc.

  • Multiple sizes and costs.

  • An average 73 second exposure time.

Our Rates

(Per Lavatory / Per Month)

Premium & Select Network Rates

The Premium Network is Lavamedia’s prime collection of ad boards. These boards consist of only one featured advertiser who gets full attention from the visitor. They are located at high traffic locations such as malls.


(11 x 17)


Our Select Network is a transitional stage between Shared and Premium. The Select Boards are positioned in strategically chosen locations, such as high end restaurants, pubs, and gyms. These boards also only consist of one featured advertiser who gets full attention from the visitor.


(11 x 17)


Shared Network & Banner Rates

Our Shared Network is our package to reach a mass audience with a low cost. These ad boards are located in shopping centres, professional offices, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. These boards supply a diverse audience and a high number of impressions. Shared network advertising boards have four equally spaced ads on the panel.


(8.5 x 11)

5 – $200
10 – $350
20 – $500
40 – $900

Our Banner Ads are strategically placed micro ads on a select number of panels spread across our shared network. These reach a similar audience at a discounted cost from our shared network. Great for a small business trying to reach out to new customers.


(17 x 2.5)

10 – $200
20 – $300
40 – $400

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