The only advertising people stand in line to read!

Exposure of 47 Seconds for Men and 98 Seconds for Women!


Ad Sizes (8.5″x11″ & 17″x2.75″)

Quarter Billboard




Banner Billboard




Design Fee – $50

Custom Lead Generation Page – $500

Digital Coupon – $100

$35 per ad when targeting specific locations. Monthly billing with first and last month due on first invoice. Design Changes available monthly.


Our Network has over 2.7 million viewers per year!


Boss Hogs Country Saloon

Club Lime

Legends Pub & Grill

Pop’s Pub South

Soundsgarden 21+

Top Hat


Anytime Fitness Gym

Centre Village Mall

Holiday Bowl

Idea Building

Mocha Cabana

Platinum Fitness Gym

Servus Sports Centre

Smitty’s South

Two Guys  Pizza

Get Noticed and Get Customers

Lavamedia can’t be clicked away from, driven by, flipped through, or turned off!

Easy as 1,2,3…

1. Choose Your Customer

We can target your exact customer through age, gender, income and lifestyle.

2. Choose Your Strategy

With a custom QR code, we can lead your customer where you want them.

3. Get Results

We create top of mind awareness with direct call to action to your targeted customer.

Lava Media has an adult audience that is social, trendy, tech-savvy and with disposable income.

Cold Hard Facts

  • 84% Recalled seeing a specific advertisement in a lavatory
  • 92% Were able to name specific advertisers without requiring any prompting
  • 88% Remembered at least four selling points in the ads
  • 98% Reacted positively or neutral to seeing indoor billboards
  • Potential consumers will spend an average of 73 seconds reading your ad
  • Our Network receives over 228,500 views per month

Why Choose Lavamedia?

Lavamedia has a singular purpose… to provide our advertisers with a captive, targeted, cost effective and proven advertising medium. In a world full of iPads and PVR’s, why would your business pay astronomical amounts with traditional media when no one is paying attention? With Lavemedia you can capture people’s attention at a time when they actually welcome something to read and look at! Lavamedia delivers effective, targeted, gender specific advertising in a time and place where is won’t be ignored.

How To Contact Us

Misti Dobson – Owner

[email protected]


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